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TruePA in a nutshell

The TruePA project will develop the next generation of Traveling Wave Parametric Amplifiers (TWPAs), which are key tools for quantum technologies and basic sciences involving the detection of weak electromagnetic signals in the microwave domain. TruePA aims at pushing TWPA devices beyond current limits pursuing three main ground-breaking advances: demonstration of TWPAs which are

  • resilient to magnetic fields,
  • quantum-noise-limited,
  • fully nonreciprocal.

Our approach integrates novel circuit designs and the use of advanced superconducting materials, combined with new characterization methods based on quantum optics techniques. The outcomes of TruePA will highly advance the field of quantum-limited amplifiers providing novel insights into decoherence mechanisms in superconducting circuits and boosting microwave amplification performance in basic science research fields such as quantum information with solid state platforms, astronomy and dark matter search. TruePA brings together internationally known researchers with complementary expertise in the field of superconducting circuits, quantum amplifiers, nanofabrication and quantum optics. This specialized knowledge is complemented by the expertise of two industry partners, to push a new generation of TWPAs to off-the-shelf components contributing to the growth of quantum technologies in Europe and at the same time pushing forward basic science research.

Introduction to TWPAs