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TruePA at the APS March Meeting

The annual March Meeting of the American Physical Society is among the biggest condensed matter conferences worldwide. Numerous sessions focus on various aspects of research on superconducting quantum circuits. This year three sessions were focused on parametric amplifiers alone, indicating the growing importance of the research direction. People from six of the eight partner institutions of TruePA made the trip to Las Vegas and contributed a total of 14 talks. In addition to the in-person meeting there will be a Virtual March Meeting from 20th to 22nd March, which provides  the opportunity to get research highlights from the comfort of your home.

As the TruePA consortium, we especially recommend the following sessions. You might even spot some familiar names – Enjoy!

M72 - Kinetic Inductance Parametric Amplifiers and Quantum-Limited Detectors
Y71 - Improving Qubit Readout with Parametric Amplifiers
Z71 - Lumped-Element Parametric Amplifiers and Circulators

TruePA Kickoff Meeting 9th and 10th February

Over two days the TruePA consortium met for its kickoff meeting at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. About 20 participants of the partner organizations from Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Sweden made the trip to Karlsruhe, while the hybrid format also allowed online attendance. Three months into the project the time was right for a first in-person check-in to discuss results and strategize about next steps. Organizational questions were addressed in the management board meeting, and the groundwork to make TruePA a success was discussed. The consortium’s advisory board was represented by its two experts from industry, Dr. J. Braumüller (Infineon AG) and Dr. D. de Jong (Qblox B.V.) who gave an overview over their respective activities. Throughout the project the advisory board will provide an outside perspective to guide the activities in TruePA.

Coordinator Prof Anja Metelmann from KIT commented after the meeting: “It was great to finally meet in person and get the project started. Even though it’s only the 3rd month of the project, we could already discuss scientific results and I am excited to see what we will be able to achieve over the next years.”

TruePA starts December 1st 2022

It is our pleasure to share that as of December 1st 2022 TruePA has started. Led by Prof. Anja Metelmann from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT, Germany) researchers from five research institutes and two companies work towards the next generation of traveling-wave parametric amplifiers. Our consortium combines expertise from the academic groups of Martina Esposito (CNR-SPIN, Italy), Nicolas Roch (CNRS - Institut Néel, France), Gerhard Kirchmair (IQOQI Innsbruck, Austria), Ioan M. Pop (KIT, Germany), and Lukas Grünhaupt (PTB, Germany). The academic perspective is complemented by insights from two SMEs represented by Luca Planat (Silent Waves, France), and Sumedh Mahashabde and David Niepce (Low Noise Factory, Sweden).