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Two-year Postdoc at CNR-SPIN (Naples, Italy), application deadline 10th August

Truly Resilient Quantum Limited Traveling Wave Parametric Amplifiers (TruePA)
Research topics: Traveling Wave Parametric Amplifiers (TWPAs), microwave photonics.
Supervisor: Dr. Martina Esposito.

Description of the project:
Travelling wave parametric amplifiers (TWPAs) are key pillars in the framework of superconducting quantum technologies since they allow broadband and near quantum-limited amplification of weak microwave signals [1-2]. This project focuses on the experimental investigation of these devices with microwave photonics experiments [3].
[1]Esposito et al. Appl. Phys. Lett., 119, 12 (2021).
[2]Ranadive et al., Nat. Comm. 13, 1737 (2022).
[3]M. Esposito et al., “Phys. Rev. Lett., 128, 15 (2022).

We offer:
Unique European Scientific Network: The successful candidate will closely collaborate with world-class quantum technology academic teams and industry partners via the European project TruePA.
Vibrant research environment in Naples: The experimental activity will be carried out within the vibrant Naples quantum technology ecosystem. With a long-standing tradition in superconductivity and Josephson physics, Naples offers an ideal environment for this research project. The successful candidate will work in strong synergy with the QTLab in the department of Physics of University of Naples.

Diversity and inclusion: We are committed to actively promote and improve equity and diversity in research and academia, creating a respectful, welcoming, and inclusive environment.

About the position: Two-Year Postdoctoral Research Position founded by the European project TruePA.

Position type: “Ricercatore CNR di III livello contratto di lavoro a tempo determinato” (⁓30 k€ per year). Note that a 90% tax exemption can be applied according to Italian Tax incentives for attracting human capital in Italy (link) for successful candidates moving to Italy from abroad.

We are looking for:
Essential Requirements: PhD in Physics, Electronic Engineering or related subjects.
Desirable skills: Experience in the field of experimental superconducting quantum circuits, quantum optics, microwave photonics, solid-state quantum devices, parametric amplification. Experimental experience with cryogenic equipment, microwave electronics and/or nanofabrication is highly desirable.
How to apply:
You can apply online here
Deadline 10/08/2023 18:00.

If interested in this opportunity and for any questions regarding this call, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. M. Esposito via email:

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